I’ve got a good feeling about this.

When the Bad Batch were introduced in the final season of The Clone Wars, I wasn’t a fan.

I, like many others, was mindful of the limited episode count and wanted these to focus on Ahsoka and the numerous clones that made this series so special.

Of course, we needed have been worried. Dave Filoni knows best, and we were delivered a multi-episode finale arc that arguably acts as one of the best Star Wars movies since the original trilogy.

Still, I was surprised to hear that The Bad Batch was getting it’s…

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The new iPhone update is great for minimising distractions.

If you’re like me, you’re constantly looking for ways to simplify your life.

Donating old clothes and selling unused items are a fairly straightforward entry into a more minimalist lifestyle, but when it comes to our digital devices, it’s often hard to make a dent.

It’s so easy to accumulate apps that we don’t need — or at least don’t use often — that our phone’s can quickly become a cluster fuck of messy home screens and endless swiping to find the app in question. …

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Here’s how I challenged myself to read more — and make it stick.

In 2019 I challenged myself to read more.

It didn’t happen (nor the year prior), but I tried again this year.

Apparently these really ARE unprecedented times because I’ve managed to read several books so far.

Over the years I’ve gone through periods where I’ve dived head first into reading, and others where I’ve barely glanced at a book for months (ok, that’s probably an exaggeration).

As I get older, I’m increasingly aware of the value of reading — not just for enjoyment or relaxation, but as…

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It’s The Perfect Time To Upskill

Everyone’s spending a lot more time at home these days, and it looks like this might be our lives for a while yet.

Obviously there are many drawbacks to this arrangement — to which many people may struggle to acclimate — but there’s one huge benefit to being stuck at home:

You’ve got time to work on you.

This is the perfect time to learn something new. There’s a metric shit tonne of online resources for any skill you can think of (websites, blogs, courses, ebooks, apps, social media accounts) that you can access…

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Why it’s more important than ever to carefully craft your messaging.

There’s a lot going on right now.

As if a global pandemic wasn’t enough, the world’s economies have been thrown into chaos.

Money has been lost.
Jobs have been lost.
Lives have been lost.

It’s a scary and uncertain time for everyone, including businesses that are stuck between keeping their doors open and keeping staff employed.

With circumstances changing on an almost daily basis, businesses need to be able to reach their clients, customers and stakeholders to not only keep them up to date, but keep them reassured.

This is where the value of good copywriting becomes invaluable.

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Learn How To Structure Your Day

I started the The Modern Professional because I’m interested in squeezing the most of out every day, and I wanted to share those tips with others.

The tagline I chose for TMP is “Be More Than Your 9–5”, as I have long been interested in the fact that as a society we have started to evolve past a standard working day for various reasons (freelancing, second jobs, etc).

As the world continues to react to COVID-19, people’s regular 9–5 working structures and habits have been thrown out the window.

Of course, work and career…

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Get The Most Out Of Each Morning

One of the most exciting (aka: dreaded) parts of our day is the commute to work.

With tens of thousands of people making their way into the city each morning to get to their respective workplaces, you’ll usually find yourself trapped in traffic or crammed onto public transport up to 10 times a week (including the return trip home).

It’s easy to write this off as lost time, but it can actually be the most productive part of your day.

Here’s 5 tips on how you can maximise your morning commute.

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It’s so easy, you won’t believe it.

A million dollars.

That’s the dream right? Well good news everyone, it’s actually so easy to become a millionaire that any idiot can do it!

Sure, you may have seen thousands of these articles online promising get rich quick plans and pyramid schemes and financial hacks but THIS article is different.

THIS article will give you all the answers on how to get a million dollars FAST.

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We’re An Imagination Nation

Visualisation is a technique built around manifesting a goal into reality: either done mentally, or through visual mediums like images, diagrams and animations.

When used properly it’s an incredibly powerful tool at your disposal (we’ll get into this later) but as with most mental techniques once they hit the mainstream, it’s been taken over by people that don’t understand how to apply it correctly.

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All Your Apps Are Killing Your Productivity

Imagine it’s New Year’s Day.

You’re determined to be get more shit done this year, and that means managing your day more efficiently.

You head to the app store on your phone and download as many apps as you can that promise to solve any one of your daily “problems”: sleep tracker, calorie counter, pedometer. You create lists and reminders and alarms and account for every second of your day.

Once you’ve spent a good few hours setting everything up, you sit back content; ready for the next day when you can do…

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